Hooray for Flawsome!

Thank goodness for Flawsome! Drinks. They rescue perfectly good but wonky and misshapen fruit and vegetables from becoming waste and squeeze them into the most delicious juices and blends. To top it all off, their bottles are made from recycled glass. That’s some pretty great eco-credentials right there. 

We love staying ahead of the game when it comes to being green and eco-friendly and we love that Flawsome Drinks help us do that. Less food waste and delicious drinks? Sounds like music to our ears!

And you guys like it too! You’ve been guzzling down Flawsome! to the tune of some pretty impressive stats. 

So far, thanks to the Flawsome! juice consumed at The Stable just this year, we’ve saved:

66,903 apples
10,915 strawberries
105,480 chokeberries
4,824 oranges
159 beetroot

That’s 233,281 fruit and veg rescued! After all, it’s the taste, not the shape that counts. Who cares about a funny looking apple?! If it makes good juice, we’re in.